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I am Salmon!

This book is the second book in the series of “Salmon Dance”, published in May 2015.

This book shows a hidden world of salmon with magnificent photographs from fishing at different rivers in Scotland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Russia. Alevin, a newly hatched salmon, seems to understand that it grows to be an adult salmon which is returning to rivers in which it was born to complete its lifecycle. Alevin grows to smolt and goes to the seas from rivers in Europe and travels all over the North Atlantic to feed and growing to be an adult. The struggle for food and survival while migrating makes them true fighters. This book is homage to the Atlantic salmon.

This book also features about environmental conservation organizations who are working hard to protect environment for the Atlantic salmon.


2019/10/15 “Powder SKI '70”

“Powder SKI ‘70” is full of action photos that I took in 1970s. At that time I was in my late 20s to early 30s. Seeing these photos bring back many nice memories from 50 years ago. I was very lucky to work with many excellent skiers such as Mr Masaru HASEGAWA and Mr Tomofumi IGUCHI. I decided to publish this book to express my enthusiasm and gratitude to skiing which made my life so rich.

Most of the photos in the book were taken in Hokkaido, the northern, central Japanese alps and Mt. Tanigawadake. These places are famous for magnificent ski slopes covered with beautiful powder snow.

In 1972 the Winter Olympic Games was held in Sapporo, Japan. It was then I started publishing the Japan's first skiing magazine “Skier" from Yama-to-Keikoku-sha Publishing Co., Ltd. I was the editor in chief there. The camera used was a 4×4-inch film camera called Linhof Super Technika. This camera required to use a large sheet film, which is almost as big as iPhone. I transferred the film to digital about 10 years ago.

Most of the photos used in this book were chosen from the magazine Skier. You may be surprised to know that people used to use 2-meter long skis, or you may be interested to see how people dressed for skiing back in 70s.

Full-Colour posters from Salmon Dance series

In response to a strong demand from our readers, we offer photos from the books as large posters. Posters are in 2 sizes, B2 and B3. Salmon Dance was originally published in size B4, which means B2 posters are four times bigger in size compared to the photos in the book. B3 posters, on the other hand, are double in size of the photos in the book.

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