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2019/10/15 “Powder SKI '70”

“Powder SKI ‘70” is full of action photos that I took in 1970s. At that time I was in my late 20s to early 30s. Seeing these photos bring back many nice memories from 50 years ago. I was very lucky to work with many excellent skiers such as Mr Masaru HASEGAWA and Mr Tomofumi IGUCHI. I decided to publish this book to express my enthusiasm and gratitude to skiing which made my life so rich.

Most of the photos in the book were taken in Hokkaido, the northern, central Japanese alps and Mt. Tanigawadake. These places are famous for magnificent ski slopes covered with beautiful powder snow.

In 1972 the Winter Olympic Games was held in Sapporo, Japan. It was then I started publishing the Japan's first skiing magazine “Skier" from Yama-to-Keikoku-sha Publishing Co., Ltd. I was the editor in chief there. The camera used was a 4×4-inch film camera called Linhof Super Technika. This camera required to use a large sheet film, which is almost as big as iPhone. I transferred the film to digital about 10 years ago.

Most of the photos used in this book were chosen from the magazine Skier. You may be surprised to know that people used to use 2-meter long skis, or you may be interested to see how people dressed for skiing back in 70s.

Feb 13, 2018 Book of Japanese Traditional Culture  Wa ! ― No.1

日本の国酒 日本酒

We are going to publish a book series of Japanese traditional culture “Wa “ soon.

The first book of the series is “Japanese SAKE” and books about other Japanese cultural traditions such as Origami and Kimono Design will follow.

SAKE is produced from rice and has been recognized as the Japanese national alcoholic beverage. We feature the history and hidden stories connected to the world of SAKE and its brewing. Traditional SAKE barrel wrapped up with straw is beautiful as it is - a piece of art. Drinking SAKE with friends and colleagues at Izakaya, a traditional Japanese restaurant, has been an important way of socializing. We will introduce charm of SAKE from all aspects.

June 19, 2017 In 2018, we are going to publish three new fly fishing books on Amazon.

Salmon Dance -2

A collection of color photographs of Atlantic salmon.
B4-size, hard-cover book with cloth cover.
Photography/edited by Yasuji SUGAI
To be released in January 2018. Expected price: US$ 250.00

This book is the second book in the series of “Salmon Dance”, published in May 2015.

This book is inspired by a simple question - how do Atlantic salmon find their way back to the rivers where they were born?  The answer is that they have incredible extra-sensory perception, visual and hearing ability and sensors for taste & smell. Their abilities cannot be compared with those of man. This is why Atlantic salmon migrate around the whole North Atlantic and still being able to find their birthplace. The struggle for food and survival while migrating makes them true fighters.

This book also features many salmon rivers and salmon fishers, and describes about environmental conservation organizations.

Dancing Steelhead

A collection of color photographs of Atlantic salmon.
B4-size, hard-cover book with cloth cover.
Photography/edited by Yasuji SUGAI
To be released in March 2018.  Expected price: US$ 250.00.

When the steelhead comes back to the river to spawn, they swim hugging the bottom of the stream. However once it takes an artificial fly, its character suddenly changes. It leaps in the air as if it dances with the sky above. It is so splendid to watch their dance.  Once it takes a hook, it pulls on the rod with tremendous power. Steelhead are strong enough to snap the angler's leader or break off if the hook isn’t set properly, disappearing into the water as if making fun of the angler. The camera caught this spectacular moment of the steelhead’s moves.

Leaping Seatrout

A collection of colour photographs of Atlantic salmon.
B4-size, hard-cover book with cloth cover.
Photography/edited by Yasuji SUGAI
To be released in May 2018. Expected price: US$ 250.00.

Seatrout is a sea-run type of freshwater brown trout, a native to north western Europe which has been successfully introduced to Patagonia in South America. Feeding well in the Atlantic Ocean during their sea-dwelling years, seatrout can grow up to 130 cm in length and weigh up to 18 kg when they come back to the river for spawning.

As soon as seatrout takes the artificial fly in the stream, it starts pulling the line and leaps out of the water. In the Sub-Antarctic region of Patagonia, the wind often blows at the speed of 20 m/second during the daytime. In spite of such harsh winds, seatrout leaps in the air above the water surface with so much power. There is nothing more fun for a cameraman to catch such a moment.

April 30, 2017 We started to sell our products at Amazon.com

Salmon Dance

Edited by Orri Vigfússon
Foreword by Paul A. Volcker
Photography by Yasuji Sugai
B4 All color 208 Pages.

Hardcover with slipcase.
Price $49.00
Free Shipping

The book “Salmon Dance” is created as homage to the Atlantic salmon, fly fishing as well as people who are involved in environmental conservation work for the Atlantic salmon. This book is full of remarkable phots of Yasuji Sugai and essays by prominent fly fishers in Europe.